Mardi 12 octobre 2010

If it is dark pants, boots can be used with light-colored boots

I usually go to the local store to buy UGG, so need not worry about fakes. So buy a variety of UGG, both boots, the boots, and boots, and later from the CLASSIC's wool, and there are relatively fancy, in fact, still feel CLASSIC in the boots with pants, skirts take up the best, and Boots can be turn-down, exposing a circle of white soft and thick fur, but also very CUTE ah.

   Here I also recommend several best IN with it, most like to the number of small cotton jeans, boots with feet,cheap ugg boots and out of the effect is thin and long legs! We can not get the network effect of the first legs it, but it can definitely make up for lack of good results to be better and miles! If it is dark pants, boots can be used with light-colored boots, dark and light colored to match, so come out better. Denim skirt with boots, I remember turning round must take the boots off, exposing the hairy Oh, really super like na! Most importantly, skirts can cover two-point pantyhose black thick, low temperature and then will not feel cold in winter Well.
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Lundi 11 octobre 2010

UGG boots snow maintenance is the big problem

   Last winter Ugg snow boots Really hot, almost every girl will have their own Ugg snow boots. But many girls scratching their heads for the maintenance of these shoes, that can not read through the two later on, can not be washed can not Dayou. Ugg snow boots in Australia, a business membership, who introduced the Hong Kong real Australian wool and sheepskin snow boots made of one material, brush or rag common not only can not effectively remove surface stains, but very likely to snow to the surface of the sheepskin ugg boots sale boots harm. Therefore, maintenance UGG boots snow, Really is a great need for a "two brushes!" In Australia, there are special snow boots care brushing and maintenance of cream, a price of 20 Australian dollars. UGG wool boots are made in the maintenance shop supplies, like snow boots with the girls should be considered.

 To go out every day wearing snow discount ugg boots boots, boots dyed to a certain number of body dirt, come home, to take off it, first with the special sheepskin care brush to gently brush the surface of dust, very dirty place to wipe back and forth, Then wipe with a soft sheepskin special scrub. In addition, special long-handled sheepskin care brush, is used to brush the bottom of the boots. Reporter in the relevant counters see the real thingUGG storeSpecial cleaning care packages, which contain microcrystalline fat decontamination ions, to achieve better cleaning results. There are many dedicated support Gaotong piece snow boots available for purchase, for the tens of thousands of snow boots, buy another pair stays tablets to love boots upright trim long boots shape is also very necessary.
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Samedi 09 octobre 2010

Maintenance is not a problem UGG boots snow

  UGG boots snow cheap ugg boots Wear fashion trends, but once dirty will lose their luster and become super ugly, which requires good care of your baby UGG, now have a nana to give you the five steps, you can make your The UGG shoes brand new, we Check it out.
    First need to bleach free detergent composition, the general house cleaning, then the best use of specialized cleaning agents sweaters, blended with cold water according to the ratio of 1:5
  Second, with a dry cloth dipped in a little water, gently wetUGG boots snowSurface, the water must be less, the upper can be a little damp, do not be immersed in water UGG shoes Oh!

   The third step is dip a small amount of water against a good cleaning agent diluted UGG shoes, gently ugg boots wipe the surface stains, especially dirty place to gently scrub with a soft bristle toothbrush. Start must be very light, or soft sheepskin easily damaged.
The fourth step will be a clean wet rag, and then wring dry, gently wipe the wholeUGG boots snow
Step into the boots absorbent napkin stuffed stereotypes.
This is a simple five-step UGG shoes can make the maintenance is no longer a problem!
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Mercredi 06 octobre 2010

In recent years, with the snow boots UGG brand fashion more and more sought

 Whatare single, that is, directly over the authorized UGG production orders, also calledthe original single. In recent years, with the Classic Metallic Ugg Boots  snow boots UGG brand fashion more and more sought after young family, many businesses and companies to gain brand name UGG share. Some manufacturers say
China has not in fact know this is wrong Oh, China UGG home production of the manufacturers, but we see more on the network share is * not the United States with countries with purchase, and more is what we that the A stock.
   In order for us to have more of UGG solution, following my shoe exports from friends and network photogenic come with being single for several years on the UGG some experience and comparison to tell you.  Fabric: fur (Australia imported leather edition, no color, hair density, length of uniform)
  Shoes: UGG dedicated all end up on the floor come with 'R' are registered trademarks of

  Insole: Each pair of shoes are stitched mat 'UGG' trademark, and is active at any time to dry


  In the end: a silver box with Taiwan waterproof tin

  Packaging: all with original boxes, boots sewn inside the washing also marked (above style,

name, number, material, code number, cheap ugg boots  place of origin, at present, mainly Australia and New Zealand

origin), the box labeled side code standard (above note a style name, number, color, code number,

men's or women's), beautifully printed box with instructions and identification cards.

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say that this year the most popular UGG boots

UGG boots this year in the fashion world whipped up a wind gust that the mainstream European and American stars is brought, in order to let everyone know more about this brand, I deliberately into the shoes online and I made good friends Where to play to hear, but in fact this is my shoes is like, but do not know even do not check a check, the original hall this discount ugg boots  big boots to go. I
finally mad a lot of looks a little bit.


The boots are the rise in Australia during the First World War, the name of the reason is was originally called the ugly boot ugg Australian nickname for it is one of the round fur boots straight until 1994 by an American registered trademark of ugg. So, ugg brand of the United States. And manufacturers slowly into China from Australia. Australian ugg then learned the old egistered by the United States after the gas halo, and also began their own production of this ugg boot. However, it does not mark Classic Cardy Ugg Boots UGG.

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Mardi 28 septembre 2010

Cute sexy hair snow ugg boots

The season! Boots, Whenever qiu dong in popular on the stage of the fashion, the boots becomes the most concern for the HOT adult sheet is tasted. This season, today you want to Classic Tall Ugg Boots become a girl, rock, sexy girl, still is vogue sweet heart, everything from your master, everybody can be supermodel!

UGG sexy lovely snow, reflex boots looked to have nifty sheet is tasted, lovely of sexy, add vigor for qiu dong,cheap ugg boots  warm, boots and downy tactile sense of infinite sweet! Exquisite sense relaxed and comfortable wear pants, tie-in or knee socks, are very lovely, is a shoe inside indispensable qiu dong season shoes!
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